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The Best Edibles & Delta 8 Products – Now Available Online

Welcome to the Florida Cannabis Supply Corporation. Our recreational hemp dispensary offers a variety of alternative health options and wellness. Our CBD, CBG, and Delta 8 & Delta 10 products [legal forms of THC] provide benefits only available via full-spectrum cannabis products. For information on our cannabis products, check out the online Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each cannabis strain.

Florida Cannabis Supply Corporation ships certified clean cannabis products with no shipping fees for orders over $100.


  • Edibles – more than 30 edible cannabis options to satisfy every craving. Among the available varieties are –     

    • Doweedos or Cheetos

    • THCa Cereal Treats or Brownies    

  • Gummies in assorted flavors –     

    • Peach Rings

    • Mango

    • Strawberry

    • Martha Stewart Citrus Medley

    • Sour Gummies

    • Hemp Bombs for Sleep or Day

    • Blackberry

    • Relax Bears

    • Blackberry Sleep


  • Mixed Berries, plus a variety of gummies that support women’s and men’s health

  • Jolly Bomb Lollipops

  • CBD Syrup

  • Koi CBD Drink

  • Coffee – Founder’s Blend or French Vanilla

  • Lemonade

  • Tropical Focus or Pomegranate Shot

  • Flower

  • Vape Products

  • Plant Pet RX

Have a question for Florida Cannabis Supply Corporation? We can be reached by using our online contact form, or email. If you prefer, give us a ring at 352-263-1011. Our store policies can be read by following this link. Retailers, check out our wholesale program.

Interested in testimonials from current customers? Follow Florida Cannabis Supply Corporation on Facebook for updates and special offers.

Best Edibles

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