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Want to Buy THC or CBD Products Online?

Welcome to the Florida Cannabis Supply Corp. We offer organic, MOFGA-Certified Clean Cannabis alternative medicine options. These include broad & full-spectrum CBD, CBG, and Delta 8 & Delta 10, [legal THC] products to ensure you receive the maximum benefits the cannabis plant offers through its ‘entourage effect.’

Ready to buy THC Products? Check out these THC Products -


  • Flower – Delta 8 cannabis flower options require no medical ID card to purchase.

  • Pre-Rolls - ready to enjoy and available in nine flavors.

  • Vape Products     

    • A high strength THC concentration Distillate


  • Delta 10 flavors that include   

    • Prickly Pineapple

    • Zkittles

    • Soft Guava

    • Blueberry Smoothie

Ready to buy CBD Products? Check out these CBD Products -


  • Vape Products – now available in ten assorted CBD flavors.

  • Edibles – available in snacks, desserts, gummies, lollipops, coffee, CBD syrup & shots, etc.

  • Plant Pet RX – animal & pet-designed cannabis products -     

    • Dog Chews

    • Tinctures

    • Peanut Butter


  • Health & Wellness Products – from topicals, skincare, bath, pain-relief, and tinctures.

  • Terpenes & Tinctures – including full-spectrum tinctures and distillates in a variety of flavor

For information on the chemical content of our cannabis products, check out the online Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each strain.

Have a question for Florida Cannabis Supply Corporation? Our staff can be reached using our online contact form or email.

Interested in testimonials from current customers? Follow Florida Cannabis Supply Corporation on Facebook for updates and special offers.

Retailers, check out our wholesale program.


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